Will Ferrell fondly remembers his best “SNL” pranks

It’s hard to imagine the set of Saturday Night Live as being anything other than constant jokes and laughter. After hearing Will Ferrell’s stories about all the pranks he played while on the show, we’re even more convinced. He and writer Seth Meyers overlapped on the series for just a year, but they both have memories of Will’s hilarious antics.

The best part about Will’s jokes was that nobody else needed to get them, even Lorne Michaels, the creator and impresario of SNL. We don’t blame him, because it sounds like keeping up with Will Ferrell can be pretty hard.

Luckily, this didn’t discourage Will, who has many stories of the little jokes and weird stunts he pulled behind the scenes, which were all a part of making him one of the most amazing cast members and an ever better comedian.

Hear about some of the best below!

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