Attention! We are officially entering peak ‘Frozen’ fandom

You see these dresses Elsa and Anna are wearing? At least three million people have bought them. Three million.

That’s according to Disney’s data, released to today to both effectively boggle our minds and introduce some upcoming products. But first, the numbers, which basically confirm what we already know: We are in the grips of a Frozen obsession that doesn’t plan to let up any time soon.

An estimated 2.6 million children dressed up as a character from Frozen this year. And that’s just in North America. Miniature Elsa has officially beaten Barbie in toy sales. And according to Street Insider, there are more than 35 Frozen-related e-books and 800 print titles. Not to mention the Frozen: Free Fall app, which was a huge hit. How huge? It averages 147 million playtime minutes every day, worldwide.

So what’s left to freeze? A lot.

Disney is launching Frozen-themed food and health items, everything from band-aids (sure, we can see that) to APPLE SLICES. Wait, what? According to a press release out today, Disney Consumer Products is launching “16 new Frozen-themed food and health product categories between fall 2014 and spring 2015, including fresh apples and grapes, juice, yogurt, bandages and a complete oral care line.”

So, basically, we can wear our Frozen dresses and enjoy a healthy Frozen-approved meal while playing our Frozen app. Oh and then brush our teeth with Frozen toothpaste before we get into our Frozen beds. And all this is the just beginning. When Frozen Fever—the animated mini-sequel—comes out in 2015, Disney’s apparently rolling out a bunch of new products. Fine. We’re in. Bring it.

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