We need to be freaking out a *little* bit more about Will (and Elizabeth!) in the new “Pirates of the Caribbean” trailer

There’s now a brand new teaser for Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales out on the high seas (of the internet), roughly three months before the film hits theaters. During the Super Bowl, Disney dropped this new footage showing us exactly what we’re in store for when we set sail again — and the plot, too.

The one thing they didn’t address, though, is what the heck undead Will Turner is doing. In case you missed it, he’s back for this pirate adventure, but his role is so far very ~mysterious~.  And even more pressing than Will, can we expect to see his true-pirate-love, Elizabeth Swan, back again?

Come on, these are important questions.


Here’s your quick Pirates refresher, since it has been 10 years since we last saw him (having bowed out for the forgettable Pirates 4, sorry not sorry):

Though Will and Elizabeth (and Jack, too), were able to save the Caribbean, Will soon found himself at the bottom of the ocean. During the final battle of At World’s End, Davy Jones kills Will, and to save him, Jack then gives Will Davy Jones’ hear to stab…and then Will’s dad, Bootstrap Bill, carves out Will’s heart and puts it in the Dead Man’s Chest, and just GO WITH IT OKAY?

Now Will is the so-called Davy Jones, and bound to serve as the captain of of The Flying Dutchman for all of eternity, give or take a few years. Thankfully, he and Elizabeth marry mere moments before he dies, and post-death they head off to a tropical island to make their marriage official. Elizabeth gets pregnant. We know this because the tag for At World’s End shows us Will returning home to Elizabeth and their 10-year old son. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FF_enN8lYuw?t=47s

There’s some debate as to whether or not Will is returning home for good, or simply returning home for his one-day on land, as promised when you become Davy Jones, as there have been conflicting Pirates reports. No one’s really specified if Will’s still an undead pirate captain, or living life on land, and JUST GO WITH IT.

This all leads us to Dead Men Tell No Tales, because WTF is going on with the Turner Pirate Clan.

Will is, without a doubt, still with the Dutchman, because do you SEE the barnacles on his face? But WHEN does this story take place? If we assume that this is a real timeline, it has, in fact, been 10 years since we last saw Will, and that lines up perfectly with the At World’s End Tag. Maybe we actually *see* this joyous family reunion during the movie?

Dead Men Tell No Tales could also be like, 2-3 years after the end of At World’s End or something (there is no clear time frame as to when Pirates: On Stranger Tides took place, trust me, I looked). So maybe we haven’t seen Will return home to Elizabeth and their son yet, WHO KNOWS? Maybe Dead Men Tell No Tales is like a sequel-prequel for At World’s End/the At World’s End tag.

And this all still leads to a bigger question, which is where the heck is Elizabeth?? Once a pirate, always a pirate, so yes, it’s hard to assume that she’s just hung up her cool three-point hat (a Tricorn hat, in case you’re wondering) and isn’t plundering anything anymore. So far, Keira Knightley has not been confirmed to be appearing in this fifth installment whatsoever, but she could easily pop up for a surprise cameo.

…or not pop up, because we don’t know her life and her shooting schedule. Like, you do you, Keira.

This is all to say: We continue to be very invested in the ongoing adventures of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, both on and off the ocean. Let’s hope we see both of them, together, back on deck on May 26th.