Will Ferrell won’t do sequels for “Elf” or “Old School,” but he’s open to bringing back another classic

There are so many sequels these days, but how do you know when to leave well enough alone? When Will Ferrell was asked about revisiting some of his classic roles, he wasn’t really interested. At least, for the most part.

He flat-out said no to doing a sequel to Elf (boo!) and Old School (hiss!).

But he might be open to revisiting one of his other films again. So, we’ve got some bad news and some good news.


While visiting the Watch What Happens Live after-show hosted by Andy Cohen, Will Ferrell was asked whether or not he’d be interested in revisiting some of his old characters via sequel. He pretty quickly said no to doing a sequel to Elf, which we’re heartbroken by honestly. 

Bye, Buddy. Glad you found your dad!


And also totally shot down the idea of a second go at A Night at the Roxbury.


And he said no to another Old School.


But, there was one film that he didn’t dismiss immediately.

And that was…Step Brothers!


It turns out that at some point there was a discussion about a potential Step Brothers sequel. And this isn’t to say that anything is in motion now, but…it seems Ferrell isn’t crossing it off his list. So, we’ll take that as a win. #VictoryIsSweet

We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this end! We’d love more Elf, but more Will Ferrell in general is always a good thing! And we need the laughs, that’s for sure.