This “Will & Grace” teaser gets the party started, and we’re beyond happy to see the crew together again

Listen up, people! A new Will & Grace teaser is here, and it packs so much goodness into a mere 40 seconds. We still have some time before the beloved show returns to NBC on September 28th. So, every little bit of that world we get to see beforehand makes us even more excited to see the gang back in action.

The short Will & Grace promo showcases the full ensemble in all their glory.

Jack, Karen, Will, and Grace all have a shining, solo moment in the spotlight. And, they look as happy as can be when they share the screen together.

As if we could forget, the promo reminds us of just how distinct each of these characters are. Jack (Sean Hayes) sports a playful, huge smile, and happily spins around on a stool. Karen (Megan Mullally) looks as put-together as ever, and dramatically poses and laughs. Will (Eric McCormack), meanwhile, is too cool for school, and sassily flips his tie. And Grace (Debra Messing) dances happily in a gorgeous white dress.

Before they come together as a full ensemble, each pairing shares a moment in the spotlight. Karen and Jack slap each other and share an over-the-top and passionate kiss and bow, reminding us of just how hilarious these two besties really are. And Will admires the beautiful Grace.

It’s hard not to be totally overwhelmed with happiness about the revival after watching this teaser.

The final shot has everyone sitting in their character’s chair and smiling at the camera, making us feel simultaneously nostalgic for the past and excited for the future. September 28th seriously cannot come soon enough.

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