The infamous wildfire scene in “Game of Thrones” set to “Let It Go” is weirdly perfect

Peanut butter and jelly. Ham and eggs. Death by wildfire and the song “Let It Go.” Wait, what?

Some things just GO together. And some things you didn’t think would mesh so perfectly, actually do, and when it happens, it’s glorious.

Some random genius on the internet decided to play “Let It Go” over the scene in the Game of Thrones finale where Cersei blows up King’s Landing with wildfire and it’s eery how well the two things work together.

Movie and music mashups are nothing new to the internet but this one deserves to be watched. Also, it’s short. Also, you’ll feel bad for giggling but just let it happen. Just hope your coworker isn’t watching over your shoulder as you giggle while watching the entire Sept explode in green fire. You might need to play this one out loud, so as to NOT get weird stares.

“Let It Go?” More like, LET IT BLOW!!!!

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