At last, the first full-length trailer for the Kristen Wiig/Will Ferrell Lifetime movie

A few days ago, Lifetime released a 20-second teaser for their highly anticipated new film A Deadly Adoption starring Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell. While the promo, filled with eerie music and shots of Will Ferrell looking terrified for no discernible reason, was definitely able to capture our attention, it left many people wanting more. Thankfully today, Lifetime released an extended trailer for the film that clues us in on a few more details.

Based on a “true story,” the film follows the lives of Robert Benson (Ferrell) and his wife (Wiig) as they try to begin a family. The two eventually recruit a birthmother (Jessica Lowndes) who is willing to let them adopt her baby. But what starts as an uplifting adoption story quickly turns into something much darker as the birthmother’s manipulative tendencies begin to wreak havoc on the Benson family.

Sounds like a typical Lifetime movie description, right? Well, that appears to be the point. The film is penned by former Saturday Night Live writer Andrew Steele and directed by Funny or Die and Between Two Ferns genius Rachel Lee Goldenberg.

Obviously, A Deadly Adoption is not meant to be a serious Lifetime movie, but a movie about serious Lifetime movies and all the stereotypes that they involve. (In terms of style, think Scary Movie meets Fatal Attraction.) The satirical flavor that Steele provides blended with Goldenberg’s experience (oh and Ferrell and Wiig!!!) will create a campy new twist on the classic Lifetime dramas we’ve totally binge-watched on various rainy Saturdays.

Will Kristen Wiig and Ferrell, our two beloved comedians, be able to pull off these semi-serious roles? From the looks of the trailer, I’m going to have to say YES. Check out the trailer below. It premieres on June 20 at 8PM on Lifetime.

Featured image via US Magazine.