“Wicked” just broke this major Broadway record, because it defies gravity, duh

Wicked is officially the second-highest grossing Broadway musical of all time, which makes total sense because NOTHING was gonna stop it from becoming pop-uuuuu-lar.

The musical, which delves into the Wicked Witch of the West’s backstory, surpassed The Phantom of the Operawith a staggering $1.12 billion in tickets sales, The Wrap reports.

Okay, so while that’s an incredible feat in it’s own right…that’s not all. The Phantom of the Opera has been running since 1998, and earned a whooping $1.11 billion. Meanwhile, Wicked has only been running on Broadway since 2003, so that means that Wicked managed to earn more money than the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic — in HALF the time.

Plus, the Wicked Witch is now flying so, so close to Broadway’s #1 hit moneymaker, The Lion King, which has pulled in $1.38 billion since its opening in 1997.

You GO, Elphaba and Galinda!

This is all just getting us so, so fired up for the Wicked movie in the works, which will include new songs (!!) and lots of new twists to the original story.

“We’re just having so much fun, revisiting that material we love so much, and thinking about everything you can do onscreen to retell the story, Stephen Schwartz, who wrote the lyrics for the original musical, told Variety.

The film won’t be out until 2019 (sighhh), so fans are just going to have to continue guessing what the big-screen adaptation will look like.

“There are things that work on stage but won’t work on film,” the songwriter said. “In order to do something that will work on its own merits, you have to do something different. The only concern is people who would be coming expecting to see a filmed version of the play. They’re not going to see that.”

Nahhhhh, we’re pretty excited about seeing a different incarnation of our favorite witches. Until then, you can find us singing both parts of “Defying Gravity” in our room, in the shower, and in just about any karaoke bar that will have us.