#WhyCasperIsntSoFriendly is the Halloween hashtag that will ruin the friendly ghost for you

It’s Scorpio season, Halloween is a week and a day away, and we’re officially in the spookiest of moods. The ghosts are out, the moon’s light is gaining power, and soon, we’ll be transported through the veil on the creepiest day of the year. While we may not actually see a ghost in real life, there is one we can always count on: Casper the Friendly Ghost. However, thanks to Twitter, we now have to reassess our relationship with this fictional phantom. #WhyCasperIsntSoFriendly is the newest hashtag that’s making us question everything we know about our favorite ghost.

Casper was the one ghost we could count on to be pleasant and personable. Whether through the animations or live-action films, we got to see, know, and love the friendly ghoul.

But is Casper the Friendly Ghost actually as innocent as we believe?

There were times when Casper’s tactics were questionable to say the least. Yes, he had to let people know he was actually friendly — but touching someone without consent is never cool, even if you’re a ghost. false

And Casper never really learned social skills or cues, so he doesn’t really get the idea of bodily autonomy, which is pretty scary in itself.


And the fact that Casper is see-through just makes for more problems. false

Scaring people seems like fun, but is it actually nice? We’re not going to pretend to know everything about ghost ethics, since you probably can’t help but scare people when you’re actually a transparent entity.

While we love Casper, it’s important to remember he’s not perfect. He may not be the friendliest ghost after all…but that’s totally okay.