Here’s the REALLY good reason you should use *all* of your paid vacation time

If you’re sitting at your desk dying for a vacay but feeling unsure about using your paid time off, can we give you some advice?

Book the ticket, girlfriend. GO.

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We’re not just saying that because we want to live vicariously through your tropical beach Instagram posts (even though we totally do), we’re actually looking out for the best interests of your career.

According to a new study produced for Project: Time Off, people who used 11 or more of their paid vacation days per year had a 65.4% chance of receiving a raise. For the people who used fewer than 10 days of vacay per year, the chance of a raise or bonus was about HALF that: just 34.6%.

Basically, if you want to get paid more, use that paid time off.

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Unfortunately, the vast majority of Americans are not currently heeding this advice.

The average number of vacation days used per year has actually gone DOWN since 2000, when we used an average of 20.3 days a year.

Now that number is 16.2, which hey, is still good enough to make you more likely to get a raise, but let’s not let that number drop any lower, OK?

And that’s to say nothing about the creative recharge you can get while away from work. We don’t need to tell you that giving your brain a break is good for coming back refreshed and ready to take on the world.