Why Witches Are the New Zombies and Why We Love these Wicked Ladies

Someone has to say it. Okay, here I go: Thank God the vampire craze is over and done with! I think we had our fill after the third installment of Twilight and True Blood’s disappointing last season (which is coming to an end). Zombies will always be okay in my book; I’m a huge Walking Dead fan so I can’t complain about the half-living. However, while zombies are dwindling down another supernatural phenomena is rising again—Witches. Witches are all the rage this year, and I cannot be more excited!

When I was seven, eight, nine, and maybe ten, I was a witch for Halloween, and it wasn’t because my parents didn’t feel like taking me to Party City for an overpriced petroleum-product costume (well, maybe this was partially the reason). It was because I was fascinated with witches. And who could blame me? Witches are smart, powerful, sassy, and have killer (no pun intended) magical powers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and outfits. Some wear your more traditional black-on-black cloak, dress, and pointy hat, while others like tight-fitting corsets and plaid school-girl skirts. The bottom line is that these ladies are go-getters. Whether they’re evil or misunderstood, witches know what they want.

We’ve had some awesome witches in television and film over the years and its come back full circle: American Horror Story: Coven is probably the most popular AHS season yet. Jessica Lange is nailing it per usual, playing a quick-witted, nefarious Supreme witch. Her co-stars, Taissa Farmiga, Emma Roberts, Gabourey Sidibe, Jamie Brewer, and Sarah Paulson also have their amazing moments.

We also have Once Upon a Time, which is filled with witchy femmes! Lana Parrilla does such a good job playing the ever complex Queen Regina who is an evil, heart-squishing ruler one episode, and a lonely, misguided foster mom the next. Her counter-part, Emma, doesn’t use her magical powers very often, but when she does, she means business. Salem, a show about the Salem Witch Trials, will start in 2014.

Before the recent onslaught of witchery (and I’m only narrowing it down to the last twenty-five years), there was The Craft, which is about four high-school girls who summon a Pagan god who in turn, activates their inner witch. Even though Nancy goes a little power-crazy, she still demonstrates what a vengeful girl can do when she’s been wronged. Sarah, who is the “good” witch, shows us that its super vital witches have self control and only use their powers when you really need it.

Or when they really need to solve their teenage problems like in Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

One of my favorites, which always airs throughout October, is Hocus Pocus. Even though Winnie is truly sinister, you end up loving her and her sisters because they are just so hilarious. Also, how great is this song?

We absolutely cannot forget Hermione Granger and Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter. I hate Bellatrix for killing Sirius Black, but I love her for being so dark and terrible. As for Hermione, she will always be the “cleverest witch of our time”.

Other honorable mentions: The White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia, Elphaba in Wicked, Melisandre in Game of Thrones, and Queen Ravenna in Snow White and Huntsman for having such an epic hate-face.

So, whether we like it or not, witches are here to stay. At least for awhile until vampires become cool again (ugh). What are some of your favorite witches?

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