This is why sleeping in your underwear isn’t bad for your vagina

Good or bad, we all have sleep habits. But good sleep habits are more than just things that help you to fall asleep faster — you should be instilling healthy habits to benefit you the entire day. And for people with vaginas, caring for your vagina should be a regular part of your nighttime routine.

So what about the age-old question of whether or not you should be sleeping in your underwear? According to Buzzfeed, it turns out that sleeping in your underwear isn't bad for your vagina, as many previously thought.

BuzzFeed sourced two experts on sexual health, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a Yale School of Medicine Professor, and Dr. Lauren Streicher, a Northwestern University medical school professor, and the popular question about the health of our vaginas was put to the test: is sleeping in your underwear good for your vagina?


Well, it turns out, there’s nothing on record that supports the idea that your vagina (or vulva) needs to be “aired out” at night. It generally just comes down to personal preference (so there’s nothing wrong with sleeping naked or in clothes).

But sleeping in the right kind of underwear does make a difference with the health of your vagina.

Be sure that you’re wearing a pair that properly fits and isn’t too tight. Material? Cotton is best all around, but as long as you’re not sleeping in nylons or tight spandex, you should be fine. How’s that for a sleepy surprise?

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