Why Sephora is just like Disneyland

On the surface, Disneyland and Sephora couldn’t seem more different. Disneyland is a destination theme park frequented by over 16 million people every year; Sephora is the place you go to re-up on your eyeliner.

But look a little closer, and all of a sudden the similarities abound.

Here’s the evidence :

1. They both smell delightful. Disneyland actually pumps out smells of delicious confections onto Main Street.


And walking into Sephora is like walking into a cloud of a million perfumes — intoxicating in the best way possible.

2. They both make you feel like being a princess is indeed a potential reality.

When we spend too much time at Disneyland, we start wondering whether we could pull of a tiara hair ‘do.

Meanwhile, when we spend too much time at Sephora, we actually fall into princess-like daydreams as we cover our eyelids in blankets of Cinderella-worthy shimmer.

3. Both are better with friends.

It’s physically impossible to go to Disneyland alone. Like, they won’t let you in, right? If they do, they shouldn’t, because Disneyland would be the straight-up worst by yourself.

And yeah, okay, you can TECHNICALLY go to Sephora by yourself, grab your moisturizer, and be in and out in five, but it’s so much better if you go with your mom/friend and spend ten minutes in front of the Formula X section debating the merits of black lipstick.

4. They give you fun things to look at while you wait in line.

It’s so lovely of Disneyland to gives us Haunted Mansion tombstones and pirate paraphernalia to look at while we wait an hour and a half to ride a seven minute ride.

Not to be outdone, Sephora’s twisty-turny queue basically mimics the Indiana Jones line except at the end you’ve just purchased three minis that give you an unreasonable amount of pleasure.

5. Both are magical during the holidays.

Disneyland is a decked out wonderland come wintertime.

Sephora gives you the same feelings of wonder during the holidays — those giftables make you feel like a kid again.

6. You go in knowing you’re going to spend a lot of money, but then you spent SO MUCH MORE.

Disney is already pricey, but once you’re there, you might as well say “screw it,” and eat all the churros and buy all the things.

Sephora: $50 later, you stumble out of the store, pale and stumbling, whispering to yourself, “But there were so many sheet masks.” Hey, we’ve all been there.

7. And finally, both are the Happiest Places on Earth:


(Images via Flickr user KeithJ CC BY-NC; Giphy)

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