This is why people think Selena Gomez didn’t delete pictures of The Weeknd on Instagram after he deleted pics of her

The other day, it was reported that The Weeknd got rid of his Selena Gomez pictures on Instagram. It makes sense — the two broke up in October after 10 months of dating. Around the same time that the split was announced, Gomez started getting a little close with her ex, Justin Bieber. Representatives insisted that Bieber had nothing to do with the split — instead, it’s commonly believed that the two parted ways due to distance, schedules, and the relationship fizzling. Hey, it happens sometimes.

The Weeknd, also known as Abel Tesfaye, digitally scrubbed away memories of his brief union with Gomez, but there’s no doubt about it — romance existed. In fact, in order to review the relationship, you shouldn’t bother looking any further than Gomez’s feed.

In case you’re unaware, Gomez is currently the most followed person on Instagram. She’s currently at around 130 million followers, and they all happen to enjoy her shared photos. It’s obvious, because five of her photos made this year’s top 10 list of the most liked on the network. That’s kind of a huge achievement.

Now for the interesting part. Out of those five, two of them featured Tesfaye. And while it was public knowledge that these two were dating back in the day, neither of them overloaded Instagram with couples photos — as some celebrities do.

Relationship aside, she probably kept the photos because they were so popular with her fans.

Without a doubt, these two were cute together. And it seems like Gomez may have prioritized her followers over the need to digitally signal the end of her relationship.

It’s also possible that Gomez holds no ill will towards Tesfaye — while he notoriously stop following people who he met through Gomez, she reportedly liked one of the images he posted earlier this month.

No matter what, we’re so glad that Gomez continues to be such a huge influence on Instagram. She’s a great role model, and the way she gracefully handled the break up is inspiring.

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