We FINALLY know the reason why Ross and Rachel broke up that time on “Friends”

The question “Why did Ross and Rachel break up?” is right up there with “Why do I have to pay taxes?” However, the only difference is that we now have an answer to that first query (and are still in denial about the second).


Whenever Ross and Rachel went through a rough patch on Friends, we, too, felt as though we were going through a rough patch (because empathy). Even so, that doesn’t mean we don’t have questions – and plenty of them! Specifically, there’s one that’s been plaguing us for years: Why, oh why, did Ross and Rachel have to break up in the first place?!


The answer (FINALLY):

Okay… So, that may not be the detailed explanation we were looking for, but – we have to admit – it does make sense. Every couple faces ups and downs, including the fictional ones we may or may not be living vicariously through on TV.


On a positive note, Burrow also talked about how the Friends actors were actually friends in real life: “I sit with my cast, and I talk to them about their characters, and I try to get them to like one another because if they do, that’s going to come across onscreen.”

Matt LeBlanc confirmed Burrow’s heartwarming method when he added,


This Sunday, we can witness the beautiful Friends reunion for ourselves on NBC at 9pm. You can bet on us marking our calendars so we remember to watch!

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