This doctor explained why only one nostril gets blocked when we’re sick — and it has something to do with a penis

We hate to spoil the flood of incessant fawning over fall, but there’s one particularly nasty alias that autumn goes by and it must be addressed: the dreaded cold and flu season. *screams in the key of horror*

Since cold and flu season is in it for the long haul, we’re forced to try to understand that which we fear. For instance, why does only one nostril get blocked when you’re sick? Raise your hand if you agree that this is one of the rudest aspects of having a cold or the flu.


According to Australian science expert Dr. Karl, the reason it feels like one side of your nose bears all the brunt has to do with a very interesting fact about your nasal anatomic makeup. Apparently, the same erectile tissue that’s present in the penis and the clitoris is also in your nose.

As he explains to a caller who posed the question on his radio show, the erectile tissue in your nose is on a constant cycle that helps with the flow of nasal air and your sense of smell, among other things. It’s just that when you’re sick, the clogging makes the normal nasal cycle more noticeable (and obviously more miserable).

So…yeah. The next time you’re pissed about having a stuffed nose, laugh your way through the shitty moment by realizing that your nose sorta kinda works like a penis.