Here’s why Meryl Streep is suddenly a meme on Twitter

We’re just wild about Meryl. So, seeing her even more on social media is always a good thing. But there’s a reason why Meryl Streep is a Twitter meme these days — and, there’s a reason why that meme seems to go back in time, with a photo from the 2015 SAG Awards.

If you look back during the broadcast of the show, you can tell that Streep is actually cheering for her friend Debbie Reynolds, who was receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. After passing late last year, the world was once again reminded as to why Reynolds was such an icon in the industry. The honor? Totally well deserved.

So, knowing what we know about Reynolds, the photo of Streep — who looks like she’s passionately hollering, or belting out a lyric or two — makes sense. It was a big moment, and Streep wanted her support to be known.

On Sunday, Streep’s big 2015 audience moment was humorously all over Twitter.

Why? Well, because the photo is pretty amazing. She’s such an elegant woman that it’s kind of funny to imagine her screaming lyrics out.

We mean, let’s just admit it. We’ve been Streep during this particular moment before: false

In fact, Streep is illustrating every single tipsy college sing-a-long moment we’ve ever had. false

And some Twitter users got pretty darn creative with it. false

We’re not totally sure if Meryl Streep is a fan of ABBA, but this tweet will definitely lead you to believe so. false

Thanks to the Streep meme, we’ll be laughing every time we hear “Work It” by Missy Elliott (which is at least twice a week, since that song is still incredible.)

So, next time you plan on getting really into a song? Just remind yourself that you’re channeling queen Meryl. Sort of.

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