Meghan Markle opted out of meeting with President Trump when he visits the U.K.

When President Donald Trump visited the U.K. in June 2018, his trip across the pond spawned many memorable moments, from protests featuring a giant Trump baby balloon to an awkward encounter with Queen Elizabeth II. The president will return to the U.K. in early June, and so far, it’s not clear if there will be any insulting balloons this time around. Trump will, however, be meeting with the royal family—except for Meghan Markle, who has a very good reason to sit this one out.

The president will arrive in the U.K. on June 3rd and leave on June 5th, Vanity Fair reports. During that brief visit, he’s scheduled to join the royal family for all sorts of formal activities. There will be speeches, meals, and a musical performance. However, while the Duke of Sussex will be among those entertaining Trump, the Duchess of Sussex will be absent. Why? Because she’s on maternity leave.

Meghan gave birth to Baby Archie less than a month ago, so she has a lot on her plate as a new mom. Vanity Fair also points out that she hasn’t participated in any royal engagements since he was born, so she’s probably not giving Trump the cold shoulder.

That being said, the Duchess of Sussex hasn’t shied away from sharing her thoughts on the 45th president.

During a 2016 appearance on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmoreshe called the then-candidate “divisive” and “misogynistic.” Meghan is also an outspoken advocate for gender equality, so it’s easy to see why she’d be at odds with Trump—who, in case there was any doubt, has gone on the record saying he is not a feminist.

We’re sure that, in other circumstances, Meghan would be a gracious host for the president. But we totally get why she won’t be meeting with Trump this time around. And if she decides not to meet with him in the future, we can’t say we’d blame her, either.

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