Why Kirk is the most underrated character on “Gilmore Girls,” and don’t you dare forget

Gilmore Girls is by far one of our most beloved shows, hands down. (Hands covered in maple syrup from Lorelai and Rory’s beloved Al’s Pancake World, that is.) And yet, while we regale one another with tales of Lorelai and Rory’s shenanigans, there’s one character we must mention: Kirk Gleason, the most underrated character on Gilmore Girls. Seriously, everyone’s favorite quirky everyman Kirk returns on the Gilmore Girls reboot: Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life and it seems the creators finally understand just what a gem Kirk really is. (Plus, Kirk is now insanely handsome? What?) Now, let’s set the record straight. Those true Gilmore Girls fans understand that Kirk is one of the true heroes of Gilmore Girls. Below are ten reasons why we love Kirk.

1. He worries about Lorelai’s safety.


Poor Kirk really mucks things up for Lorelai when he installs an alarm after Rory moves to Yale, declaring Lorelai the “pretty spinster.” His heart was in the right place, of course.

2. He gives amazing inspirational speeches.


Remember when he forgot to keep a map of where he hid all those Easter eggs? Well, Kirk wasn’t about to let a terrible mistake get him down!

3. He gets night terrors.



Seriously, we could forgive him interrupting Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss thanks to the absolute hilarity of his night terrors. Remember how he ran screaming out of the Dragonfly Inn? Amazing.

4. His competitive spirit


Dance marathon, anyway? We’ve written before about just how fabulous the episode They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They? is one of the show’s all-time best. And while the emotional notes that are struck repeatedly (while harmoniously balanced against the comedic ones) are the most memorable, can anyone forget Kirk’s glee at winning the dance marathon?

5. He named his cat after himself


Because only Kirk would name a cat for himself. Unfortunately, Cat Kirk does not like poor Human Kirk.

6. He has intense town pride


Remember when Lulu was sick and unable to perform as the town whore, also known as the “Woman of Questionable Morals?” Kirk, always the gentleman, filled in for her, and he did a darn fine job.

7. Kirk is a man of many, many talents

Photographer, realtor, salesman, inventor, mailbox creator — is there anything he can’t do?

8. He’s a nervous dater, just like all of us


Remember when he was so nervous about his first date with Lulu he practiced it at Lulu’s and filmed his responses? Honestly, who among us hasn’t wanted to do that?

9. He had the guts to ask Lorelai out ages before Luke could.


You have to give the man credit: He’s brave.

10. He makes the most bizarre movies


Remember when Kirk made that bizarre silent film? Lost classic, that.

Bonus material: When Kirk performed “The Journey of Man”


We’re still not sure what, exactly, that was he did. But we do know it was amazing and unforgettable.

These are just some of the reasons Kirk Gleason is the unsung hero of Gilmore Girls, and why we are so, so grateful he’s returning for the reboot!

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