Why I’ll never stop dressing up for Halloween

Some people may name Christmas, Thanksgiving or the Fourth of July as their favorite annual holiday. But mine always has and always will be Halloween. Could it be the overload of candy corn and over the top costumes, or the fact Hocus Pocus is on repeat all month long? While I honestly can’t settle on just one reason for why Halloween is the most glorious of holidays, there’s something that made me fall in love with Halloween long ago. And I’ve never been able to outgrow the holiday ever since my first experience with it.


As a kid, I would spend every Halloween trick or treating around my neighborhood in pursuit of all the best candy. That’s always every kid’s dream come true, right? Trick or treating entails getting dressed up, and that was something I always looked forward to each year.

I’d spend days working on my Halloween outfit to perfect every detail because I didn’t want to have just any costume; I wanted the costume.


Although I’ve retired my trick or treating days, I haven’t stopped dressing up for Halloween. In fact, there has never been a year that passed where I didn’t wear a costume (or two… or three).

Many would say that dressing up for Halloween is only something kids do, but I’d beg to differ because this holiday is really one for all ages. Seriously, even dogs and cats dress up for it!

I’ve been everything under the sun, as my Halloween costumes have grown bigger and better over the years. Much like the scene in Mean Girls, I always tend to be the Cady Heron in my group of friends by opting for a scary costume versus a sexy one. Add the word “dead” to any idea, and you pretty much have an understanding of my usual theme season to season.

I’ve always seen dressing up for Halloween as much more than picking out any old costume. This tradition has become an experience that I treasure every fall.

From taking trips to the costume store with my best friends to working on elaborate makeup looks, I love each and every step that comes with the process. There’s creativity, thinking outside of the box, and mostly just having fun with the whole thing.

With October 31st quickly approaching, I’ve already started putting work into this year’s costume creation. No matter how old I get or how many costumes I wear, you’ll probably never see me sitting out a chance to dress up. I could never imagine a Halloween without dressing up because it wouldn’t quite feel the same to me. I’m already wondering, what should I be next year?

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