Why I Wish My Life Was Like High School Musical

I love High School Musical. The first movie came out when I was 7. My first real crush was on Zac Efron, and it’s a pretty hardcore crush because it’s lasted 6 years (and I know I’m not the only one who’s in love with him)! By the time I was 8, HSM 2 came out. It was so popular back then – I remember having to decide between 2 girl’s parties because they were both having a HSM 2 premiere party. When HSM 3 came out, my aunt Erin took me and I was so excited. I was jumping up and down. The point is, I loved HSM. Last week, I watched the movies again and realized that I still do! Here’s why I wish my life was like 0.

Let’s just discuss Troy Bolton for a second here, okay? I really wish I went to East High School, because they have guys like Troy at the school. Troy is SO DREAMY. He’s the capital of the basketball team. He is an amazing singer. AMAZING. He can also dance. He’d do anything for his team. AND, HE’S NOT MEAN (like most boys his age). It’s pretty incredible. It’s obvious that Troy is a fictional character, though, because I’m sure that a 16-year-old isn’t THAT AMAZING. I’ve given up on boys being 100% perfect, and that’s what annoys me about Troy Bolton. He’s a quintuple threat. Singing, dancing, acting, flawless inside and out and he’s sporty. I’m not obsessed with him, I swear. If there were a boy at my school like him, though, I might be.

Has anyone ever noticed how the girls dress in the movies? I did. It’s AGE APPROPRIATE. Girls are wearing shirts and pants where their booty and boobs AREN’T hanging out, and I like that! Most people who read my articles know that I’m a firm believer on wearing appropriate clothing and having good self image. Even in HSM 2, when they were at the country club, their swimsuits were appropriate. A+ to the costume designers on that one!

I really like how the characters maintain healthy relationships with their parents in the movie. I often have trouble getting along and listening to my parents and I really liked how the parents and their kids got along in the movie. The kids showed respect towards their guardians in HSM, and teenage TV character’s today show no respect towards their parents. I think that that is a contributing factor to why kids can be so snobby nowadays.

At East High School, kids aren’t afraid to be themselves, and I wish my school was more like that. When I say kids aren’t afraid to be themselves, I mean that time when Zeke sang a song in front of the whole school about how he loves baking crumble. I don’t know a single male person who would ever do that. Ever. Zeke is awesome. I love that dude.

Sharpay is the only bully that we’ve seen at EHS. Sharpay isn’t even really a bully though, she’s just sassy and fabulous. I wish my school had no bullying. This is where the “Mikaela this is so totally unrealistic there is always going to be bullying alway always always” aspect comes into the picture. I so wish that my school had no bullying and that everyone got along like in HSM, but sadly, HSM is a fictional movie. Sigh.

Last but not least, what school simultaneously dances and sings to a song after they win a basketball game? I’ll tell you what school. A SCHOOL I’D LIKE TO GO TO.