Why I Wish I Could Visit These Holiday Movie Towns

As comforting as a steaming mug of hot cocoa, as familiar as the lyrics to your favorite Christmas carol, there are movies that become as much a part of the holiday season as hanging stockings or leaving cookies for Santa.  And these movies are set in towns; in places we come to know better than we know our own hometowns.  Oh, if only we could really visit them. If only we could escape the holiday responsibilities and expectations and travel to our favorite movie towns for a little Christmas vacation (sorry, couldn’t resist).

So, here it is; my definitive list, a travel itinerary of fictional towns where I’d like to get my merry on:

Love, Actually: Ok, so this isn’t really set in a fictional town; it’s mostly set in London. But it’s well-established here that London is just about my favorite city on earth, so of course I’d choose to go back there. Christmas. England. Liam Neeson running through an airport. Perfection. What more could a girl want to get in the holiday spirit?

It’s A Wonderful Life: Who wouldn’t want to visit the idyllic Bedford Falls, with its quaint main street and general store and ice skating pond? Maybe this is more of a time travel wish than anything else, but the black and white earnestness of this movie gets me every time. Also, on a completely random side note, the police officers in the tiny town are called Bert and Ernie. Seriously. I kind of want to live there permanently. George and Mary and I could be neighbors.

A Christmas Story: Confession- I actually live close to the Christmas Story House and Museum, so I could technically visit whenever I want. But it wouldn’t be the same without Ralphie and Randy and their insanely hilarious parents. This is another time travel wish, but that’s ok. I volunteer to patrol the town and discourage kids from licking frozen flagpoles. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Ahh, the Griswold eighties. This movie reminds me of when I was young enough to believe in Santa. It reminds me of those precious few years when Christmas Eve was the most magical night of the year. And, of course, the movie is hilarious. I want to visit the Griswold residence and hang out with Clark and the family (as long as no extreme sledding is involved, and cousin Eddie stays in the camper).

Island of Misfit Toys: So this is by far the saddest part of the Rudolph special. I always wanted the Charlie in a Box to come to my house; I’d appreciate you, Charlie. Those poor toys have been forgotten by everyone, and my Florence Nightingale instincts always kick in. I’d like to visit the island on a mission to save them, and shut that place down for good. I guess we could take a side trip and visit Rudolph and Clarice, too.

What holiday movie town would you like to spend Christmas in?

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