Isn’t Packing the Worst?

Whether it’s a weekend getaway to visit some family or a month long vacation in Europe, I have never understood the ropes to packing. Maybe it’s because I have a fashion-forward mindset that destines me for failure from the get-go, but seriously, packing is one of those obscure tasks that never fails to put me in a grumpy mood.

Let’s start simply with the fact that choosing suitcase size has to be labeled as a chore. I mean if you choose the biggest size, you’re already setting yourself up for over-packing. But, is that such a bad thing? If it rains one day, and you chose to ‘over-pack’ (as your family calls it) your raincoat, you’re going to be the only one dry during that torrential downpour. Who’s the lucky one now, right?

I guess the most confusing part about packing is predicting weather. Dresses, shorts and sandals can be found in my suitcase for our family vacation to Florida. However, the all-encompassing term ‘sandals’ may expand further than most would assume. I’m almost certain my shoe count is never under 4 – for any trip. Maybe I am not a strategic packer, and I will be the first to admit that, but when it comes time for guessing what I’ll want to wear on the trip, I am far from able to predict the future.

Day two of the trip may be followed by a brisk wind, but still too warm for a pair of jeans. That medium temperature weather calls for capris and flats. Then your family decides to go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant. The black and white wedges you wore yesterday just don’t mesh well with your new paisley dress you bought at the outlet mall today. Now what? No need to worry, thankfully I packed my nude heels!

I suppose I am a firm believer in coordinating outfits, and maybe that’s my problem. If I weren’t so concerned about everything “meshing” well together, maybe I wouldn’t have a problem with taking two pairs of shorts and two dresses. But what happens when you are a fashion savvy girl, who has a passion for clothing? How do you choose the black jeans over the navy ones? The black kitten heels over the white stilettos? I guess it could be a problem with indecisiveness, too concerned about matching or maybe it’s the unpredictability that seems to accompany Mother Nature. I just think that it will take me quite sometime to perfect the art of packing strategically.

As my trip to Europe for the summer approaches, so does the dreadful task of packing for unknown weather, unknown trips and potential adventures that call for a wide array of suitable clothing. For now, I guess I will just deal with my dilemma in the only way I know how – to over-pack!

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