Here’s why you don’t have the new Snapchat update everyone is upset about

In case you missed it, there’s a new Snapchat update making the rounds and the internet seems to collectively hate it. Though the company announced the app redesign back in November, it wasn’t available to everyone. It only recently began to roll out to a majority of users — a majority of whom are pretty darn unhappy about the changes.

The new Snapchat separates your friend content from that of publishers and celebrities. Stories, groups, and personal snaps now have their own “Friends” page, which users have to swipe right to see. The page will display friends based on how often you communicate with them. It supposedly makes it easier to “find the friends you want to talk to, when you want to talk to them,” according to Snapchat’s blog. What’s more, group chats automatically get their own Snapchat Stories.

The new Discover page, which you have to swipe left to see, includes Stories from publishers, creators, and the community. The page will eventually curate content based on your interests, with your existing subscriptions at the top.

"While the Stories on Discover are personalized algorithmically, our curators review and approve everything that gets promoted on the page," Snapchat said in a blog update. "We believe that this balance of human review and machine personalization provides the best content experience on mobile."

If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t have the new Snapchat update, there are a couple reasons why.

The most obvious reason is that the update isn’t available to every single Snapchat user yet. Updates to social media apps often roll out gradually, versus becoming available to everyone all at once. In which case, enjoy the old Snapchat while it lasts.

The other reason you might not have the new Snapchat update is because your phone isn’t set up for automatic updates.


If for some reason you actually want to install the update, it’s as easy as going to your phone’s app store and clicking on the updates tab. The new version, if it’s available for download, should be right there — all you have to do is select “update.”

But if you’re like most people and want to avoid the redesign, there’s a way you can return to the glorious Snapchat of yesteryear.

Getting the old Snapchat back is as easy as deleting the app (after backing up your memories, that is). Before re-downloading, make sure your automatic updates are turned off. When you go to type in your email address, click “Forget Password” and choose to reset your password “Via Your Phone.” Then just log back in, and you’re all set!

To be honest, there’s no permanent way to stop the new Snapchat update from taking over your phone.

Eventually, the update will roll out to all users, or the old Snapchat won’t be supported unless you install it voluntarily. But for now, let’s bask in the Snapchat we’ve grown to know and love.

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