Why dating someone wealthier can be super tough (and very fun)

Let’s face it, dating is not easy. Finding someone who shares your interests, is reasonably attractive, and who just gets you can take a while. So when you finally do find someone, you’re not going to just let them go. What happens then if you find out that they’re rich? Dating someone wealthier can be tricky. Do you let that come between you or is it possible for you just move past it? Money can be something that brings people together or pushes them apart, especially when it comes to romantic relationships. When people are dating, they want to believe that they are on equal financial footing.

Dating someone with money may not always be bad. You can go to some really cool places, like trendy new restaurants or private clubs. You can also have really exciting experiences like member’s only events, or trips to countries and cities you may not be able to afford otherwise. But dating someone with money can also have its downsides. The person with less money may deal with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety. It can be hard for the person with the money to relate to life without money and be out of touch.

Here, some people explain the highs and lows of dating someone with money.

Ain’t saying she a gold digger…


Always coming in second.


I just want to be appreciated.


Feeling guilty.


True love shows.


Don’t need it.


It can be hard, but once you find a balance it’s smooth sailing.

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