Why is the L.A. fire called the “Skirball Fire”?

America woke up this morning, December 7th, to even more scary wildfire-related news coming out of Southern California. A fire known as the “Skirball Fire” has forced evacuations in several L.A. neighborhoods, including Bel Air. But why is it being called the Skirball Fire?

The answer is actually relatively simple. The fire broke out near the Skirball Cultural Center in northwest L.A. Per the center’s website, “The Skirball Cultural Center is an educational institution in Los Angeles, California devoted to sustaining Jewish heritage and American democratic ideals.”

The center is named for Jack H. Skirball and his wife, Audrey, who were instrumental in funding the center and finding an initial location for the construction process in 1983.

The Skirball Center is near another major cultural hub: The J. Paul Getty Museum.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the L.A. fire and the fires in the surrounding region.

More to come.