The real reason why Beyoncé and Rihanna concerts are half empty will bum you out

Have you ever gone online to buy concert tickets the second they went on sale, only to find out that the event is already sold out? It’s such a let-down. From there, your only option is to buy tickets through a site like StubHub or Craigslist, where people re-sell the tickets for way higher than face value. Sometimes it’s worth the inflated cost, but most of the time, we throw in the towel and curse the ticket touts.


Ticket touts are becoming a noticeable problem. Even the most popular musicians in the world, like Beyoncé and Rihanna, feel the effects of ticket touts. Both the Formation world tour and the Anti world tour hit Wembley Stadium this year, and despite both women selling out the venue, half of the 90,000 seats were empty. That’s a lot of unclaimed chairs.

“We work hard to make the face value of the ticket as accessible to as many of the fans as possible,” Adam Tudhope, the Mumford & Sons manager, told The Daily Mirror. “So there’s nothing worse for the band playing a ‘sold-out’ show than looking out at empty seats because touts bought the tickets and tried to see them on secondary sites at massively inflated prices.”


It’s a shame that so many seats are wasted by greedy ticket touts who just want to flip tickets to make a little extra cash. There are plenty of fans who would be willing to pay face value to see their favorite artists, but unfortunately, that’s becoming harder and harder. We don’t know what the solution is, exactly, but we hope we can find one soon.

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