Whoops, it looks like the title of “American Horror Story” Season 6 has accidentally been revealed

Do we actually have the first ~real~ spoiler for American Horror Story on our hands? Maybe. So here’s a SPOILER WARNING just in case. This could be real, or it could be another misdirect to completely confuse us before the start of Season 6.

Last week, we mentioned that the website Rotten Tomatoes already had their AHS Season 6 landing page up, and there, it identified the season as being subtitled as “The Mist.

WTF does that even mean? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

At the time, it was solely speculation that this season might be titled “The Mist,” as it honestly could have been put in there by mistake, or simply as a place holder for the season’s actual title. Well now, with 13 days to go before the premiere, it appears as if AHS: The Mist is popping up in more places. Right now, all signs point to this season actually being “The Mist.”

Cable listings usually update two weeks in advance, and since we’re 13 days away from AHS, that means the episode has already been uploaded to the database. Many on social media are noting that the season premiere of AHS is labels it as “The Mist.”

The title “The Mist” has also popped up in PRINT TV listings. false

This still doesn’t exactly explain what the theme of this year will be. “The Mist” could refer to just about ANYTHING, and tie back to any one of the six confirmed trailers.

…and this could still all be a complete misdirect. Wouldn’t put it past American Horror Story to throw out a FAKE name for Season 6, just to really mess with us! So maybe this is the real title, and it’s accidentally been revealed. Or not. We’ll find out for real less than two weeks.