Rotten Tomatoes may have just accidentally revealed the theme of “American Horror Story”

Maybe this is real, or maybe it’s fake. Maybe we’re just driving ourselves crazy trying to figure out what’s going to happen this season on American Horror Story, and this is all just one big, trippy hallucination. Who knows. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

With that being said, someone might have just let the super-secret theme of Season 6 slip, and we’re both excited and confused. Also, scared. So maybe this is a spoiler…or maybe not. As you’re probably well aware, some teasers for Season 6 are fake, and some of them are real. No one’s figured out which is what yet.

Just recently, Rotten Tomatoes updated their American Horror Story landing page for Season 6…and list it as being AHS: The Mist. 


What the heck does that even mean? WHO KNOWS FRIENDS, WHO KNOWS. But…the thing is, one of the 4,000 trailers released for Season 6 is actually called “The Mist.” It’s this one, with the creepy train tracks, and the sepia tint, and the THING crawling/running towards us.

So there you have it! Season 6, AHS: The Mist! But wait, not so fast. Because there’s one piece of this puzzle that doesn’t add up: “The Mist” isn’t listed as being one of the “true” trailers for Season 6.


Supposedly, one of the above six trailers will directly relate to the premiere episode of AHS. And that’s another thing — the wording on the FX AHS website states that one of these trailers will be “represented in the premiere episode.” Not necessarily the whole season, just the premiere episode.

So, it’s entirely possible that the premiere episode is a stand-alone episode, and one of these six trailers relate back to it. And then the rest of the season is all AHS: The Mist and we’re going to have lots of nightmares about that monster/alien coming to grab us in the middle of the night!!

We’ll find out for real on September 14th.