Whoops, the first spoiler from the Han Solo movie might have just leaked

Even though we just got a Star Wars movie, and another (newly titled) one will hit theaters at the end of this year, we’re always looking to the future when it comes to that galaxy far, far away. Further down the road, we’re going to be treated to the Young Han Solo movie which is, yes, all about young Han Solo. Though the movie won’t be in theaters for at least two years, it sure looks like the first Han spoiler has gotten out.

While it’s by no means a major spoiler — like say, learning that Han will actually cross paths with a young Leia or something — it sounds like the film is nicely shaping up and rounding out the cast. Woody Harrelson recently signed on for a top secret role, but unfortunately, it’s not too top secret anymore.

When Harrelson casting was announced, it was hinted that he’d be playing a “mentor” figure to young Han. Over the weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, Harrelson sat down with Variety for a quick chat. And you don’t just let an actor from the upcoming young Han Solo movie go through an interview without asking him about Han Solo.

Variety asked him if he’d be playing “Garris Shrike,” to which Harrelson responded, “yes.”

This is major. But also who the heck is Garris Shrike?

In the canon Han Solo stories, Garris Shrike is the man who raised Han. Garris found the young, orphaned Han on his home planet, Corellia, and took him in — and taught him how to be a smooth talking smuggler. As time went on, and Han grew up (into the Han we know and love today) the two fell out of touch. It will be interesting to see if this is, in fact, Harrelson’s character, and just how Garris is portrayed in the movie.

Garris sure sounds cool, but it’s still not 100% confirmed that this is Harrelson’s character. In the Variety video, he does seem a little bit confused by the question, and might have simply been responding “yes” to playing Han’s mentor in the movie — maybe Garris, maybe some brand new character.

OR MAYBE this is all to throw us off the scent of the real Han Solo story, and instead of thinking all these spoilers are slipping out, they’re all fake. Or, maybe Harrelson accidentally slipped up, who knows? The Han Solo movie is set to open in 2018, and this is going to be a very long wait.