Wholistic is your new favorite aromatherapy brand, inspired by Puerto Rico and alchemy

Everything cosmic and witchy is having a renaissance right now, and that certainly includes aromatherapy. Scents and oils are a potent way for us to cleanse, connect, and heal, allowing us to infuse some magick into our daily lives.

With its DIY ethos and incredible line of oils and fragrances, Wholistic is the New Age brand that’s letting you breathe a little easier — and smell a little better while you do so. Founded by Monica Redondo, the brand mixes aromatherapy, crystals, moon magick, and intention for a line that makes self-care accessible to all.


After becoming a certified health coach, reiki master, and numerology master, Monica turned to aromatherapy and scent therapy as part of her daily self-care routine. She used scents for stress, lack of energy, to set intention, and to connect with her inner goddess, eventually using aromatherapy alongside her work with crystals and meditation. When she realized the oils she wanted weren’t on the market, she started to create her own formulas. In an interview with HelloGiggles, Monica says,

"I wanted to share what I was using with my friends because it worked. By implementing scents with my daily rituals I felt a deeper connection with myself. The mind, body, and spirit were all working together. The mind with the intention, the body with the smell, and the spirit with the crystals and moon magic."


Wholistic has Stress Relief Oil made with herbs like chamomile, lavender, and patchouli; Brain Power Oil made with herbs like rosemary, basil, and ginger; and Monica’s favorite, the Neroli Perfume, made from herbs like rosemary, patchouli, and ylang-ylang. Herbs and scents have been used as healing modalities for thousands of years, and Monica is helping bring that into the 21st-century.

Besides the natural ingredients and the alchemy of the process, inspiration for Monica also comes from her home of Puerto Rico. She says,

"Being born in Puerto Rico has influenced me a lot. Puerto Ricans respect Mother Nature. It is part of our heritage, and our culture still uses and values all kinds of medicinal plants. The love for the Universe and Mother Nature comes from childhood memories of my mom and grandmother using herbs to heal."


Wholistic is expanding their brand to include tools like crystals, tarot cards, salt baths, and more blends, so you’ll have even more to love.


Until then, we suggest exhaling the bullshit and breathing in the good shit, with some help from the brand and its delicious scent blends.