You might be able to get tattooed at Whole Foods in the future

Whole Foods might become your one-stop shop for organic carrots, gluten-free animal crackers and…tattoos. In an effort to appeal to millennial shoppers, the grocery chain is considering bringing tattoo parlors to their 365 stores, which are focused on a younger customer base and lower pricing. Bloomberg Businessweek reports the new program, called “Friends of 365,” is aiming to partner with both startups and larger brands to bring a range of categories for shoppers.

According to the 365 website, the chain considers the new program an “opportunity for creative entrepreneurs to operate within our stores and connect with our community.” Aside from new retail opportunities, possible future endeavors include “cool street services” such as barber shops, fitness-related businesses and the aforementioned tattoo parlors. This means your future could very well include a day when you go to the store for some almond milk and end up walking out with a spontaneous Harry Potter tattoo. We are truly living in a strange time, people.

The first 365 store is expected to open in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles in May of this year, followed by locations in Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Cincinnati, Ohio; and Houston, Texas. The company plans to open 10 stores before October 2017.

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