Whole Foods now has a “produce butcher” and yeah, it’s what it sounds like

Whole Foods is known for being at the cutting edge of organic food trends. Anyone who has walked through its doors knows that it’s way too easy to be distracted by all the beautiful organic food and snacks (don’t even get us started on their bath section)! But just in case we weren’t already entranced, the Bryant Park Whole Foods location has rolled out a new thing we didn’t know we needed, but is actually pretty genius!

The NYC Whole Foods now has a produce butcher!

While we’re all pretty familiar with a regular butcher, a produce butcher is someone who cuts and preps your vegetables for you any way you want. It’s such a gift to anyone who has ever wanted to meal prep, but doesn’t have the time (read: too many good things on Netflix)! And while produce butchering sounds like kind of a new concept, it actually isn’t. According to Popsugar, famous Italian restaurant Eataly actually has a produce butcher at both their NYC and Chicago locations.


Of course, the produce butcher is a total hit.

At first, people were a little skeptical and joke around, but most are ultimately falling in love with the idea.


But like all things New York, some people were just not having it.

The Bryant Park location in NYC is currently the only Whole Foods with a produce butcher on staff, but don’t be surprised if you see one coming to your local store soon.

So what do you think? Is this a totally awesome idea? Or should people just julienne their veggies themselves?