We’re obsessed with these photos of Whole Foods’ new mochi ice cream

We’ve got some major news for ice cream lovers. And it’s very good news: Whole Foods just announced their new mochi ice cream bar. And yes, that distant sound of feet hitting the pavement is not just in your head. Everyone wants to try this creation.

In case you don’t know, mochi is a Japanese treat consisting of a small ball of ice cream covered with pounded sticky rice. Common flavors include vanilla, strawberry, and green tea. If you haven’t tried mochi before, it’s delicious and definitely worth a try. And even if you’re already a mochi fan, after you see the process by which mochi is made, you’ll never be the same.


Whole Foods announced the news with a photo of a delicious-looking “mochi bunker” in a Chicago store.



Other Instagram users revealed that a few other locations also have mochi bunkers.


According to PopSugar, Whole Foods’ mochi flavors include chocolate, passion fruit, and lychee.

Whole Foods locations and shoppers alike are sharing mochi bar photos on social media, and we are seriously drooling.




Someone get us some of that mochi ASAP, please!

Food and Wine points out that we shouldn’t be too surprised by the mochi bars. Why? Because mochi was on a list of Whole Foods’ top 10 trends for 2017 released late last year.

Other food trends on the list include coconut everything, seaweed snacks, purple produce, and unusual condiments like pomegranate molasses and plum jam with chia seeds.

Sign us up for all of it!