Whole Foods is about to get less expensive, but there’s a catch

Going to Whole Foods makes us feel like we’re living our best lives. The food looks fresher. Our fellow shoppers give us health inspo. You can buy matcha, chia seeds, organic everything — and don’t get us started on the natural beauty aisle. Yet when we get to that Whole Foods checkout line, we enter into crisis mode. (Healthy eating doesn’t come cheap.) According to a recent tweet, though, the store is about to become less expensive. But like with most good things in life, there’s a catch.

In order to save while shopping at Whole Foods, you must be an Amazon Prime member, thanks to Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods back in 2017.

Honestly, this isn’t such bad news. By now, most people who shop online have signed up for Amazon Prime. And after Amazon announced it would be upping its subscription price this month, we’re glad to know we’ll be getting extra perks.

So how does it all work? According to a May 16th tweet, Prime members can receive 10% off hundreds of the grocery store’s sale items. You’ll first have to download the Whole Foods Market app and sign in with your Prime account. Then, you can get to shopping (and saving). Soon, you’ll see blue signs begin to pop up around your local Whole Foods that signal special deals for Prime members. Yellow signs around the store let you know that you can take an extra 10% off sale items.

Finally, when you head to the dreaded checkout line, you can stress-sweat less. Simply scan the code in your Whole Foods app and the savings will be applied to your final total.

We love nothing more than seeing that number drop at the register.

Amazon and Whole Foods are testing this new service in Florida as of May 16th, and plan to roll it out nationwide this summer. Get ready for us, WF. We’re about to go all-natural, organic ham.

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