Whole Foods just went full Jessica Simpson and mixed up chicken and tuna

Remember back in the day when Newlyweds was on TV and Jessica Simpson innocently asked then-husband Nick Lachey why the tuna brand was called “Chicken of the Sea” if chickens don’t live in water? Of course you do. Well, it turns out it’s a more common mistake than some of us thought back then. Whole Foods just recalled a bunch of chicken salad because it was actually made with tuna. Yep, that really happened.

Customers in the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut markets were asked by the retailer to kindly forgive their protein mistake and toss batches of prepared chicken salad because it was not, as it was labeled, made with chicken.

The grocer recalled 440 pounds of Willow Tree Poultry Farm buffalo chicken salad after some savvy employees noticed that it was chicken of the sea — in other words, tuna. The batch was made with cranberries, a common ingredient in chicken salad, so it may have been an honest mistake. But still — the two animals are pretty, uh, different.

There haven’t been any illnesses reported yet, and there is allegedly nothing wrong with the product except its faulty labeling. But that could be pretty dangerous to someone who is allergic to tuna and didn’t know that it wasn’t chicken in the 12.5-ounce container they scooped up on their latest grocery run. Yeesh.

This isn’t the first time Willow Tree has contended with a cold salad mixup. In January of this year, the company had to recall a batch of chicken salad because it was actually egg salad. Someone over there should probably take a refresher course in prepared foods.

Because this is 2017 and the internet gods are good, Jessica Simpson caught wind of the mishap and responded on Instagram. She tagged Whole Foods in screenshot of the news and captioned it, “It happens to the best of us.”

Jessica, please never change.

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