Whole Foods is offering an amazing deal for National Rosé Day, so stock up on wine now

Whole Foods has got our backs, fam. Everyone’s second favorite grocery store (sorry Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s will always be first) is offering a deal for National Rosé Day by slashing $5 off the price of magnum bottles of Charles and Charles rosé. Cue the chorus singing “Hallelujah!”

Sure, the Charles and Charles magnums cost more than the recently discovered $8 rosé bottle that’s among the best wines in the world, but the larger bottle size will allow you to actually achieve your “rosé all day” goals for National Rosé Day. No need to switch to white after running out of rosé with the magnum’s 1.5 liters.

When it comes to rosé, size matters.


The Charles and Charles rosé has made many top rosé lists, and is often lauded as one of the best and most affordably priced wines. So, obviously we’re stocking up.

We just can’t get enough of the millennial pink drink, and for today only we don’t have to — because 1.5 liters of rosé = two regular-sized bottles in one!

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! The deal also includes an extra 10% off if you buy six or more bottles of the Charles and Charles magnums of rosé. It sounds like you may want to do that, too, as Whole Foods Market’s master sommelier (this ain’t no average grocery store) and global beverage buyer, Devon Broglie, has only good things to say about this particular wine.

"The Charles & Charles rosé is spicy and floral with fresh berry flavors. I like it with Mediterranean food or fried chicken, which are all perfect for celebrating National Rosé Day," Broglie said in a release.