Whole Foods is hiring 6,000 people, and you can apply in stores today

Looking for a job? Well, you may be in luck. Whole Foods is hiring 6,000 new team members today, on what they’re calling “National Hiring Day.” To apply, all you have to do is show up to your local Whole Foods location. Some lucky applicants will even be hired on the spot, according to the company.

Not only will they be hiring on a bunch of new employees, but they’re looking for applicants in many different departments. They’re looking for employees available for seasonal work, as well as full-time staff that’ll be able to help run the store on a more permanent basis.

From cashiers to culinary experts, the chain is looking to expand.

There are a bunch of benefits to working at Whole Foods — and not just the fact that you’ll be inspired to bring home fresh and healthy produce all the time. Team members get a store discount of at least 20% off, and full time employees are eligible for low insurance premiums after a set amount of time being employed. There’s a reason why Whole Foods is often on Fortune‘s “Best Companies To Work For” list, and aside from the perks, it’s because they encourage their employees to think up ideas to make their company even better.

If you’re looking for a job that’ll help keep you healthy, this may just be the place.

No matter what, we love the concept of National Hiring Day — and it looks like it’s something that Amazon, who owns Whole Foods, really believes in. Getting a job is often work, and the fact that Whole Foods is focusing the full day on gaining team members is nothing short of impressive.

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