Coffee lovers, you’ll want to do your shopping at Whole Foods this month

Whole Foods is making all our dreams come true, and by “dreams,” we really mean our coffee cravings. Right now, the grocery store is offering up a deal that not only supply you with endless amount of delicious coffee, but it’ll also help you save money (because coffee can be kiiiinda expensive).

Until September 30, you can get an unlimited number of 12-ounce cups (of coffee, tea or whatever gives you that jolt you crave) for only 25 cents. Yes, we’re serious! You could get through the rest of September and spend only $3.50 on coffee. That’s less than most people who make a daily visit to Starbucks will spend per day.

This is only one of the many deals Whole Foods has going on in September as part of their Shop in the Name of Love campaign. The promotion, which aims to “celebrate the company’s number one stakeholder, its customers,” also includes the chance to win $500 each week between now and Nov. 3 at each store. Those are two solid reasons to get yourself to the nearest Whole Foods on the regular and not a moment too soon.

This awesome campaign could be a response to some of the backlash Whole Foods faced earlier this week after it was revealed that locations were marking up the price on food items in New York, that caused their stock to tumble by 50%. They were also criticized for selling extremely expensive asparagus water in early August, and admitted the product was sold accidentally —and was never meant to be marketed as flavored water.

But now, the company is trying to make up for their mistakes by giving us ALL the coffee! Money explains why Whole Foods are offering up 25 cent coffee, besides the goodwill media angle. They point out that people now want coffee at all times of the day and if Whole Foods is offering it up as an unlimited item, maybe you’ll come in and buy some other stuff too. Coffee is the loss leader to get us all involved with the brand again, starting with the caffeine addicts.

It’s working — all this talk about it has us craving a cup!

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