Whoa, here’s how many people actually use Facebook Messenger

You’ve probably sent at least one Facebook message to someone in the past day — probably more. It’s becoming one of the most popular ways to communicate online these days. People use it on their computers, tablets, and phones, and they use it everywhere and in every circumstance. It’s not surprising, considering the fact that Facebook currently has 1.65 billion users. Wow. More specific stats have just been released, revealing that a whopping 1 billion of those people use Facebook Messenger on the regular. 105.2 million Americans are active users who fall under that category.


To give you an idea of just how popular Facebook Messenger has become, in April 2014 there were 500 million people per month using it every month. Fast forward to April 2016, and that number nearly doubled to 900 million. Since only January of this year, 200 million have signed up. Some would say that Messenger is arguably more useful than Facebook itself. They download the social media platform just to get the chance to communicate with others.

These days, you don’t just chat with your friends on Messenger. There are loads of new features on the app, like interactive games and bots that give you automatic updates on news and weather. Users send 22 million GIFs every day, 1.2 billion games of basketball, and 250 million games of soccer. On Mother’s Day, 300 million flowers were virtually sent. We just can’t get enough of what Facebook has to offer on Messenger.

If you haven’t been a Facebook Messenger fan before, it might be time to reconsider this app. Chances are all your friends are already using it!

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