Whoa, Apple stores are changing up their name and it’s messing with our minds

We’re used to new models of iPhones and Apple products coming out, but the Apple Store itself changing its name is a whole new level of upgrade. Yep, coming soon, the Apple Store will simply be called Apple—plus the location of the store, reported The Verge.

So, Apple Union Square or Apple World Trade Center (which just opened on August 16, btw, and looks ah-maz-ing).

And, of course, in typical a new-Apple-store-opening tradition, the first shoppers received free tee-shirts and applause.


The name change has already happened online, according to MacRumors. They also reported that the word “Store” will be dropped from retail locations, too, according to a memo from Apple to its retail employees.

But, why?!

It was initiated by Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior VP of retail. “The store becomes one with the community,” she said at the opening of Apple Union Square. And, as you probably know, the stores have evolved over the years, with amenities such as headphone stations, greenery, and seating areas (read: community-building). Sounds goooood to us.

The Apple Union Square location even has an outdoor plaza for acoustic performances, as well as a 6K video wall with seating called “The Forum” that will host various musicians, artists, and photographers year-round. Pretty sweet, right?

So, though it may take us a few tries to break in the new name, it’s fair to say that whether we’re heading to the “Apple Store” or “Apple Santa Monica” or just plain “Apple,” people will definitely know what we’re talking about. #longliveapple