That kid Childish Gambino performed with at the 2018 Grammys is JD McCrary, who is nine freakin’ years old

Though there have been so many incredible performances at the 2018 Grammy Awards, we can’t help but have a bit of a soft spot for Childish Gambino’s stunning performance of “Terrified,” one of the singles from his 2016 album Awaken, My Love!, which garnered him five Grammy nominations tonight.

Childish Gambino’s performance certainly gave us goosebumps (that falsetto!), but it was his onstage singing partner who truly captured our hearts. So who was the adorable little kid that joined him on the Grammys stage tonight? His name is JD McCrary, and he’ll be playing young Simba in The Lion King live-action remake, alongside Childish Gambino (aka Donald Glover, of course!), who will play adult Simba in the forthcoming Disney reboot.

McCrary is only nine years old, but he has talent in spades. He’s a singer and an actor, and he has already had roles in multiple TV shows, including Tyler Perry’s The Paynes, the Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover, and TV Land’s Teachers.

He even performed a few weeks ago on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, wowing both Ellen and her audience.

McCrary will make his big screen debut in the Lion King reboot, and we have a feeling his Grammys performance with Childish Gambino is only the beginning of a seriously massive career. If Twitter’s reaction to McCrary’s performance is any indication…

Unfortunately, we have to wait until next year to see this dynamic duo in their dual roles playing Simba, but we’re so thankful that they united onstage at the Grammys. And who knows, maybe in the future we’ll be blessed with a joint album? We’ll keep our fingers crossed!