We know who Negan kills on “The Walking Dead” and brb, crying forever

MAJOR SPOILER WARNING AHEAD. Stop and do not pass go unless you have watched the Season 7 premier of The Walking Dead. After months and months of patiently waiting — and so many theories and spoilers out there to hold us over — the identity of Negan’s victim is finally revealed, and things will never be the same ever again.

Seriously, do not keep reading because we’re about to spoil everything that goes down at the beginnin of the episode.

The Season 6 finale, “Last Day On Earth” ends with Negan swinging his bat at someone (and then, we repeatedly hear him hit someone again and again, and it’s a LOT to handle), and the Season 7 premiere, “The Way Will Come When You Won’t Be” picks up seconds later — and then meanders on for a while before we finally see who’s on the receiving end of Lucille:

Negan's victim is Abraham.



NoooooooooooOOOoooOOOOOooooaaahhhhhooo no no no.

Oh man. We should have been preparing for an outcome like this all summer. We should have *known* The Walking Dead wouldn’t make this loss any easier for us, and to go ahead and kill off TWO characters right at the beginning of the season? It’s too much. it’s much too much. And to think, just last year we emotionally prepared our hearts to say goodbye to Glenn, and then he was F-I-N-E.

This though, he’s not fine. This time, we’re losing him for real.

Grab onto something you love and hold it tight. We’re going to be crying about these Walking Dead deaths for a while.