Who is snowboarder Maddie Mastro dating? A fellow Olympian, of course

Maddie Mastro is one of four ~amazing~ female snowboarders from the U.S. competing in the snowboard halfpipe finals tonight. Mastro’s snowboarding accomplishments at the 2018 Olympics will probably lead you to Instagram-stalk her, which will probably then lead you to ask, “Who is snowboarder Maddie Mastro dating?” And your quest for information won’t disappoint.

You’ll see glimpses of the California native’s beau on her social media, but you might be surprised when you realize you’ve seen him on the slopes, too. That’s right, Mastro’s boyfriend is Miguel Porteous, who also just happens to be competing at the Olympics. Casual, right?

Before you get too excited about Porteous and Mastro training together and such, they actually have a complicated situation. Well, if you call living across the world from each other “complicated.” Porteous is from New Zealand, so that probably makes things a little difficult for the two Olympic athletes.

In an Instagram picture in December, Mastro captioned a photo of herself and Mastro, “If New Zealand could stop taking you away that would be great.” On another picture, from last October, Mastro captioned a photo, “Missing you like a lot.” Anyone who’s ever been in a long-distance relationship can probably relate.

At least Mastro and Porteous can hang out together in PyeongChang…when they’re not training and competing to win medals as representatives of their home countries, that is.


Even though Mastro and her S.O. both compete in snow sports at the Olympics, they’re not competitors.

They wouldn’t compete at sporting events because the Olympics are largely divided by sex, but they also compete in different sports. Mastro, as you know, is a snowboarder competing in the halfpipe competition. Porteous, on the other hand, competes in the skiing halfpipe competition.


In addition to having an adorable — and athletic — relationship, Mastro is #goals in many ways.

For one, she came in fourth place in the halfpipe qualifying round, which means she’s headed to the finals. But she also somehow manages to seem like a totally relatable and down-to-earth 17 year old. Yep, she’s 17, people.

Just look at this picture of Mastro posing for the camera with Australian snowboarder Emily Arthur.

If that’s not enough to convince you that Mastro would be a great BFF, there’s more. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Mastro revealed that she loves Taylor SwiftThe Bachelor, and Parks and Recreation. Um, please call us, Maddie. Y’know, when you’re not busy kicking ass at the Olympics.

We’re rooting for you Mastro, right along with your boo!