Here’s everything we know about Chris Fischer, Amy Schumer’s new boyfriend

It’s tough to date when you’re in the spotlight, but Amy Schumer almost makes it look easy. After breaking up with her boyfriend Ben Hanisch last year, Schumer has been seeing professional chef Chris Fischer. They’ve reportedly been spotted out for months, but Schumer just made the relationship public with a very telling photo from Ellen DeGeneres’s birthday party. So, who is Chris Fischer? Here’s everything we know about him so far.

Fischer, who’s in his late 30s, is a chef who got his start at Mario Batali’s Italian restaurant Babbo. He’s also an author and a farmer, meaning that he’s pretty knowledgeable about food.

According to Boston Magazine, Fischer’s cookbook is called Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, and it won a James Beard Award, which recognizes excellence in culinary writing. Speaking of Beetlebung Farm, he — like Schumer — grew up with a farm in his family. Schumer notoriously bought back her father’s farm in 2016, while Fischer’s farm is technically owned by his grandmother.

Fischer has also worked as the head chef at the New England restaurant Beach Plum, which offers a farm-to-table experience and has served such high-profile guests as the Obamas.

Aside from his cookbook, Fischer has also had a few pieces — many of which are excerpts from Beetlebung Farm Cookbook — published in the Vineyard Gazette. Most of his work expresses his love for food and family. In one particular article, called “Farm to Typewriter: An Essayist’s Menu,” he delved into the history of his farm and wrote about his grandfather.

We think these two make a fascinating team, and can’t wait to see if Schumer reveals more about their relationship sometime soon (maybe in the form of some more adorable Insta pics, perhaps?).