Who is Chemmy Alcott? Answers to all your questions about the BBC Winter Olympics presenter

In the United States, most of us have been watching NBC’s coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympics, but if you’re in the U.K. — or if you just love British programming — you’ve probably caught the coverage on the BBC. And instead of hearing commentary from Katie Couric and other famed American broadcasters, you’ve been getting it from presenters like Chemmy Alcott, Clare Balding, and Hazel Irvine. But who is Chemmy Alcott? As it turns out, she’s actually really qualified to be a presenter for the Olympics.

The women who have been offering up their commentary have a long history with sports broadcasting, and sometimes, even participating in these winter sports themselves — including Alcott. And if you don’t know who she is, you’re seriously missing out. Here’s everything you need to know about Alcott:

She’s a former professional skier.

According to Mirror, Alcott is a five-time Senior British National Champion in alpine skiing, and yes, she actually was an Olympian herself. Alcott has competed in four Olympic games, debuting at the Salt Lake City Winter Games in 2002. She retired in 2014, but fortunately, she’s using the knowledge she gained during that time to kill it while presenting this year’s Olympics for viewers.

Her tweets are hilarious.

Seriously, if you aren’t already following her, you need to.

She’s the mother of the cutest baby.

As Hello Magazine reported, Alcott and husband Dougie Crawford welcomed their first baby last January — a boy named Lochlan (nicknamed Locki). And as you can tell from the above video, he is cute AF.

She competed on Dancing On Ice.

In 2012, Alcott was on Dancing On Ice, a British show where celebrities compete in ice skating with professionals… which is a lot like Dancing With The Stars. Sadly, Alcott didn’t win, but she still totally killed it.


Feel free to let your obsession with Alcott begin. We won’t blame you.