Who is Carter Page, and why is he trending on Twitter?

If you’re like many Americans, you might be wondering why Carter Page is trending on Twitter today.

Page is a former campaign adviser to Donald Trump who left the campaign after rumors of his potential Russian ties began to surface. Page is the founder and managing partner of Global Energy Capital, which invests in oil and gas companies. He’s also quite familiar with Moscow, as he lived there between 2004 and 2007 while working at Merrill Lynch.

Page is currently making headlines because he recently testified that he did, in fact, meet with senior Russian officials during a trip to Moscow in 2016  — while he was still a part of the Trump campaign.

Not only that, but he testified that he told the Trump campaign about his trip while it was happening. Until his recent testimony, both he and the Trump administration had implied Page’s trip to Russia were for personal reasons unrelated to the campaign.

According to The New York Times, Page even sent an e-mail to a campaign aide detailing the trip and giving thoughts about the meetings he’d taken. The e-mail proved that Page had been lying about the purpose of his travels for many months. Prior to last week’s testimony, he had noted that he just said a “very brief hello to a couple of people.”

Twitter is currently buzzing over these new findings.

While Page only worked on the Trump campaign for a few months, this information continues to raise serious and important questions about potential Russian collusion during the election.

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