Here’s who almost played Rachel Green on ‘Friends’

Last night’s Emmys were amazing in many ways (Julia Louis-Drefus! Amy Poehler being the best! Andy Samberg making us cry-laugh!), but what about what went down on the Red Carpet? We usually get the chance to find out bits and pieces about our favorite actors and actresses through their Red Carpet interviews. And what we learn can sometimes be pretty shocking. Like when it was revealed last night that Jennifer Aniston almost didn’t play Rachel Green on Friends.

YUP. It could have been 30 Rock‘s Jane Krakowski. And who doesn’t love Jane Krakowski? I have loved her since the Ally McBeal days and she has kept her career’s inertia at a perfect rate. Last night while speaking with Giuliana Rancic on the Red Carpet, Krakowski let us in on a little television show trivia that we just cannot stop thinking about.

Krakowski informed the world that YES INDEED she once auditioned for the real of Rachel Green on a little unheard of show called Friends!

Though I always absolutely love hearing about “what might have been” (Christian Bale as Jack Dawson in Titanic gives me nightmares), it is so peculiar to try to imagine Krakwoski as our Rachel. Krakowski told Rancic that her business manager is still pretty bummed that she missed out on the role.

If Krakowski had been Rachel Green, we never would have seen her as Elaine on Ally McBeal or probably as Jenna on 30 Rock. These things are too tragic to imagine, so as they say, everything that is meant to be will be!

Krakowski was nominated last night for her hilarious role as Jacqueline Voorhees on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. While she may not have won an Emmy, she definitely won our hearts.

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