White supremacist, pro-Trump emails are circulating Ivy League schools, as if 2016 wasn’t horrifying enough

As if there wasn’t enough to be freaked out about this year (seriously, guys, is 2016 over yet?), we just found out that super bizarre white supremacist, pro-Trump emails are circulating Ivy League schools. And yeah, it’s as freaky as it sounds. Because, apparently, encouraging diversity, validating marginalized identities, and talking about privilege is a bad thing that results in the oppression of white people. Like, seriously? We can’t even.


The Daily Princetonian reports that some Princeton University students received emails that appear to be from a white-supremacy group.

Yeah, we’re freaking the eff out. WTF 2016?!

According to Business Insider,

"The email said Donald Trump understands that diversity threatens white people and that Princeton teaches 'white students that they are immoral and contemptible if they don’t support White Genocide.'"


And it’s not just at Princeton. Harvard students got similar emails signed by Educators and Students Against White Genocide, The Harvard Crimson reported this month. The subject line?

"Fight White Genocide — Vote Trump!"


….are there even any words? How do you even respond to such a thing? Beyond the simple fact that this proves, once again, that white supremacists sure do love Trump, this is just so messed up. Diversity is a good thing. It’s important. Especially on college campuses, where we’re supposed to learn from each other and engage and be, like, decent people. Freaking out about the diversification of college populations and how, welp, that means there may be less white people, isn’t exactly the best response.

Just, ugh.

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