Remember the white llama? She’s apparently a diva now.

Ah, February 26. Nice to see you again, old friend. We all remember the craziness that went down last year on this day, don’t we? No? Hint: we all watched two llamas run amok on the streets of Sun City, Arizona, before losing our minds over a dress.

Is it coming back to you now?

 The insanity began around lunchtime, when three llamas (yes, there three of them at first) went to visit The Carillons Retirement Community in Sun City as part of a therapy animal outreach program. The llamas had lots of experience being in public, as they’d participated regularly in llama shows, but they’d never done pet therapy.


According to an extensive investigation by BuzzFeed News into February 26, 2015, everything went well until it was time to go, and two of the three llamas escaped. While the third llama chilled out in the trailer, the other two made the most of their freedom, running all over town and avoiding capture in a live televised llama-chase. 

Now a year has passed, and we can’t help but wonder what’s happened to some of the major players in all of this drama. Karen Freund, the llama’s owner, told BuzzFeed, “The white llama, she’s never really come back around. She learned what she can get away with. She was always a bit difficult to deal with. Bit of an attitude.” So much attitude that Freund sold her two weeks ago. The white llama’s new owner wasn’t quite prepared for the animal’s freedom-loving ways, though. Less than a week after she went to her new home, the white llama escaped. AGAIN. Freund says, “On Saturday my husband and I are out hiking when I get a phone call and it’s the lady who bought the llama, and I can tell she’s totally stressed out. She says, ‘I went out to feed her and she’s not in her pen — she’s gone and I don’t know what to do.’ We raced over and found the llama fast — she was a quarter mile away. It’s anticlimactic, but, oh my god! We almost, almost had a second incident.”

Why do we feel like we haven’t heard the last of the white llama?

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